145 MHZ, 6 Elements Antenna

Directional 6 elementen DK7ZB Yagi antenne voor 2m band. Uitstekend geschikt voor FM en SSB QSO's .
- 200cm

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Yagi  144 MHz 6el. 

Directional 6 elements yagi antenna for 2m band. Excellent for FM and SSB QSOs.

 Technical information 2m Band
 Frequency coverage 144-146 MHz
 Number of elements 6
 Gain 11,4 dBd
 F/B  18 dB
 Vertical angle (+/-3dB)  46,8°
 Horizontal angle (+/-3dB)  56,2°
 Max input power (PEP) 200 W
 Max SWR across band 1.5:1
 Stacking distance - vertical 240 cm
 Stacking distance - horizontal 240 cm
 Antenna socket Type N (golden plated)
 Balun 50/50Ω Classic choke
 Total lenght 200 cm
 Cross-Boom 20x20x1 mm
 Elements diameter 8 mm (radiator 12 mm)
 Material aluminium / stainless steel
 Mast mount max. dia. 50 mm