HT Antenna 144/430MHz 5+8el (DK7ZB)

Dual-Band Yagi antenna to the idea of ​​DK7ZB. Excellent for FM, SSB and satellites. Single coax feed. It will be a perfect complement to a dual-bander VHF / UHF with a single VHF / UHF bus like FT-857D or IC-7000.
Sales price € 79,00

 Technical information
2m band
70cm band
 Frequency coverage
144-146 MHz 430-440 MHz
 Number of elements
5 8
 Gain 10.8 dBi 11.0 dBi
 Fron-to-Back ratio
-18.7 dB -15.4 dB
 Vertical pattern width (+/-3dB) 64° 72°
 Horizontal pattern width (+/-3dB) 52° 28°
 Max. power
300 W 200 W
 Max. SWR
1.5:1 1.5:1
 Antenna socket
Type N
1:1 50ohm (Teflon COAX)
 Overall length 151 cm
 Cross-Boom 20x20x1 mm
 Elements diameter
8 mm (radiator 12 mm)
aluminium / stainless steel
 Mast mount
max. dia. 50 mm
 Weight 1.4 kg

Antenne monteren en de antenne is direct klaar om te werken en vereist geen extra tuning. 

Niet boren, zagen - gewoon monteren en genieten van de antenne.