145 MHZ, 4 Elements Antenna rear mount

Yagi 144 MHz 4el. 100cm 8.2dBi
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Yagi  144 MHz 4el.  100cm 8.2dBi

Directional 4 elements yagi antenna for 2m band. Excellent for FM and SSB QSOs.

 Rear mounting  allows you to work the work of both horizontal and vertical polarization.

 Technical information 2m Band
 Frequency coverage 144-146 MHz
 Number of elements 4
 Gain 8.2 dBi
 F/B -20.0 dB
 Vertical angle (+/-3dB) 90°
 Horizontal angle (+/-3dB) 60°
 Max input power (PEP) 200 W
 Max SWR across band 1.5:1
 Stacking distance - vertical 170 cm
 Stacking distance - horizontal 170 cm
 Antenna socket Type N (golden plated)
 Balun 50/50Ω Classic choke
 Total lenght 100 cm
 Cross-Boom 20x20x1 mm
 Elements diameter 8 mm (radiator 12 mm)
 Material aluminium / stainless steel
 Mast mount max. dia. 50 mm
 Weight 0.6 kg