Cross-Sat Yagi 144/430 MHz 4+7 el. 100cm

For armateur satellites use - 146 and 437 MHz.
After the idea of DK7ZB

The antenna is designed mainly for communication through amateur satellites, provides a very good reception and transmission quality. At the same boom are situated two antennas. First the 144 MHz band and the second at 430 MHz band in opposite polarity.

These antennas are powered by separate cables.

Using two antennas and splitters with appropriate phase shift can be obtained circular polarization in both bands for superior communications satellites during the entire flight.
Sales price € 93,00


 Technical information
2m band
70cm band
 Frequency coverage
146 MHz 437 MHz
 Number of elements
4 7
 Gain 9.5 dBi 12.7 dBi
 Fron-to-Back ratio
-16.5 dB -28.5 dB
 Vertical pattern width (+/-3dB) 93° 49°
 Horizontal pattern width (+/-3dB) 61° 43°
 Max. power
300 W 200 W
 Max. SWR
1.2:1 1.2:1
 Antenna sockets
2 x Type N
 Baluns 28/50Ω (Teflon COAX)
 Overall length 125cm
 Cross-Boom 20x20x1 mm
 Elements diameter
10 mm (radiator 12 mm)
aluminium / stainless steel
 Mast mount
max. dia. 60 mm
 Weight 2.0 kg